Summer ! The best season of the year 2017

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(Summer is the best season for enjoy outside, but don’t forget to care your skin and health because it is a highly hot and warm weather season. Here are some important things which you always bring when you go outside)


 Sunhats to enjoy some shade this summer, choose the right one.

As you are dreaming of hot, sunny beach days ahead, get your summer wardrobe ready to go with a chic sunhat. From straw hats to classic Panamas you can dress to impress and bask in the shade this summer with a hat that keeps you covered and protected.

Beach bags to use whether you are headed to Rio de Janeiro or an Paradisiac Island getaway. Whether you’re headed to Goa or an island hide-out, these beach bags are a sure way to arrive in style.

Make sure to flaunt them on a weekend or for a long summer holidays.

Beach bags are the only things on every woman’s mind.

Chic beach towels for your summer getaway.

Whether you are spending your day poolside or soaking up some rays on the beach, show your swimwear style in its best light with a chic beach towel as your backdrop.

You can find fun patterns and affordable options.

Sunglasses from aviator to cat-eyes to rose gold lenses, shop the best affordable sonnies in every style, colour and shape.

Look for the pair that keeps your shade game strong.

And most important look for glasses that have UV 400 as only those glasses are optimized to prevent eye exposure to both UVA and UVB radiation.

Flip-flops are one of the best accessories in our live, aren’t they girls? They come in some magnificent shapes and colours, for day or night, for the beach or a night out.

You can find a variety of flip-flops such as, slim shell, original, toe separator, cross glam, bath sandal, pantolette high, pool star, glam and many more.

This summer there is a variety of flip-flops with pearls, full of bling bling and metallic schimmer.

String bikinis have been in the market for such a long time that they may have been overshadowed by our recent one-piece.

But to have one this summer is a must; play with colours and shapes and don’t forget to show off your beach body this summer.

Crochet bikinis thought you could never go wrong in a classic one-piece or bikini, so why not take things up a notch with a crochet bikini?

That guarantees you to be the height of style for a perfect beach Instagram.

The boho-inspired swim look is certain to make you stand out this summer. Make sure you choose really bright colours such as turquoise, yellow, pink, and rock the poolside style.

One piece bathing suits you will want to wear all summer long.

Last summer one-pieces dominated the swim scene and good news: the look is here to stay for 2017. Flattering simple and often even sexier than a bikini, there are plenty of one-piece options to choose from this season. Don’t forget to buy one of the standouts of the season.

Lots of transparency, making for the perfect beach effect.

Summer is the best season of the year, but we must be aware of the need for skin protection. To enjoy healthy sunbathing the most important things for all the family is skin care. Avoid being in the sun during the peak hours between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when UV rays are strongest.

One of the rules is, the “shadow rule.” If your shadow is shorter than you are, the sun’s harmful UV radiation is stronger; if your shadow is longer, UV radiation is less intense.

People can reduce the risk of skin damage and skin cancer by seeking shade, wearing sunscreen and protective clothing are the most effective methods for decreasing one’s risk.

Use a lip balm and lotion to prevent lips and face from chapping and flaking.

A cream may be better to use than a lotion because it is thicker and richer in moisture. Find one with an SPF and you’ll also protect your skin from harmful rays that are dangerous. Many organic and natural brands sell moisturizing, gentle soaps made with essential oils and healthy plant extracts.

Put your lotions in the refrigerator as applying cold products can constrict capillaries and reduce redness of the skin.

Keep your fluid consumption consistent by drinking two litres of fluid, preferably water, a day.

When your skin is dehydrated it becomes more vulnerable to damage. Cover up exposed areas of skin by wearing a chic hat, sunglasses that to protect the eyes and appropriate clothing to cover arms and legs. Bright-or-light-coloured fabrics offer the best defence.

The most sensitive parts of the body are.

Eye s lids, use protective sunscreens made for sensitive skin for example SPF 50 protection.

Lips, cracking lips can be painful. After eat or drink use lip SPF protection, keep them hydrated.

Scalp, you can use and spry sunscreen.

Protect yourself and enjoy the summer.

Contributed by Stella Maris Häfele

Visiting Fashion Journalist


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