A Lesson From Mr. Hira Muktan: A Fashion Industrialist

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“As Nepali, We have learned to compromise a lot when it comes to deciding what we are going to wear and it is somehow the same mentality that now infects our country. We have learned to compromise with whatever choices we are presented with and it has turned into a disease that is weakening us.

We are too tired to even wake up and make choices of our own.”

-Hira Muktan (Logo Fashion Industries)

Aayush Ghimire, Jhamsikhel

You enter a different world when you walk through the front door of Vesper café (an associate of Logo Fashion Industries). The perfectly lit indoor welcomes you and enwraps you with a warm aura. The mesmerizing ambience tells you the amount of elegance invested in creating it, the same elegance that has been invested in Logo Group of Industries.

Image: Vesper Café located in Jhamsikhel.

We were there to cover Mr. Hira Muktan, a fashion industrialist, for an interview feature in our magazine. We were greeted by him and suddenly the different world we had entered in the café turned into home.

Logo Industries is a group of companies operating in fashion business in Middle East and Europe since 23 years whichnow has extended its operation to Nepal and Mr. Hira Muktan perfectly embodies this organization in him.

I am not biased or taking his side when I tell you that we have failed as consumers in this country when it comes to purchasing clothing materials.

“We have given the clothes the right to replace our skin,” He says. Logo Fashion Industry invests a major portion of its workforce to ensure quality in its products. The industry is practically working everyday to invent a new skin to wear.

“We research a lot when we are buying a skin product but why do we choose to stay uninformed when it comes to buying clothing products? After all, aren’t clothes our second skin?” He raises a genuine question.

Image: a snapshot of the outlet located in Jhamsikhel – minimal and elegant.

He informed us about the toxic malpractice in the Fashion Business that is currently being practiced in our country. “A true citizen invests for the welfare of the country. But we have established a system where it is okay to cheat the nation and the people living here.” He adds while explaining us the adversity such malpractice is leading the nation into.

He told us how Nepal has turned into a market where the Fashion Industries abroad sell their rejected or second choice of products and turn the exchange into a profitable venture. In a way, Nepal has turned into a market where they can easily sell their second choice of products as a genuine product and the consumers will not even bother to research about what they are being forced to wear.

“It is somehow our fault – as a consumer, we are at fault here.” He tells fashionsansar. “As Nepali, We have learned to compromise a lot when it comes to deciding what we are going to wear and it is somehow the same mentality that now infects our country. We have learned to compromise with whatever choices we are presented with and it has turned into a disease that is weakening us.We are too tired to even wake up and make choices of our own.”

Logo Fashion Industry has its factory outlets located at Bhaktapur and Lalitpur-Jhamshikhel where the products are showcased and sold at unbelievable prices. The Logo Fashion Industry is trying to set an example in Nepalese Fashion Market and what I like the most about their trading philosophy is that they respect a Nepali consumer’s spending power which the major outlets in our country often willingly choose to ignore.

He wants Logo Fashion Industries to set an example in Nepali Market.

“We can do a lot for the welfare of this nation if we just choose to stay informed,” He says.

As we built into more conversation, I began appreciating the wisdom Mr. Hira Muktan embodies.

Logo Fashion Industries, before the political turmoil that coerced the entire industry to shift abroad, was the recipient of the best exporter award from Nepal German Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NGCCI). Our country lost a group of Industries for more than a decade that invested in quality service and quality products. It means we lost employment opportunities for thousands of people. It means we lost an industry that would represent Nepal in an international platform. “It is never too late,” says Mr. Hira Muktan. “We are back in our home. We will start from the scratch with the experience we have collected in these 23 years. We have already rebuilt what we were forced to abandon here. Our service to this nation is reinstated again.”

Since 1997, Logo Industries Nepal was a production hub for European market manufacturing more than 4000 pieces of garments per day and employing nearly 550 people.

Mr. Hira Muktan and the team have employed a unique approach in Logo Fashion Industry by encouraging the participation of women as a major part of their workforce which I find brave in its own accord.

“I am not gender biased. But trust me when I tell you, the women in our country embody the core culture of our nation. You give them any place to work and they will turn it into a home. They invest their skill as well as their emotions for the welfare of the organization and that is what we are tapping into. Besides, our country is a little conservative when it comes to employing a woman in their workforce. We want to change that.”

“However, it is challenging. The women in our garments are often the homemaker. The pressure of looking after their children, their spouse, and their in-laws and so on often forces them into quitting the job. We, as a society, are still far away from accepting the fact that a woman is more than a homemaker.” He adds.

We were slowly approaching the end of our session and the wisdom he was imparting us with was already making an impact in our mind. We wanted him to close the session with a message.

“The economic system in our country is not investor friendly especially in Fashion Industry. Our leaders know what to talk about in trade fairs and seminars but I am confused if they are ever planning to put those words into action. This delay, this carelessness from the system might lead to loss of major revenue for the country and to the loss of millions of job opportunities. Our politicians should see to it because our country shelters many opportunities but sadly we are giving away our workforce to other nation.”

“To youth, I would want to ask them to never lose faith in hard work. Everything that is successful started from zero and I am afraid that our youths do not value hard work as much as they did in our time. Yes, there is a shortcut to everything. But these shortcuts are temporary. We need experience to maintain success and this experience doesn’t come if you choose the shortest path to success.”

“To the industry, I would to like to request them to pause and reflect. I want to request themto set the welfare of the nation as their first priority before any financial gain. Work for the country and the country will work for you and this is true. Let’s respect our consumers and provide them with the best services and the products.”

Mr. Hira Muktan is a wise personality and the extent of experience he shelters commands respect. Before parting our ways, he offered us an invitation to his factory outlet located in Bhaktapur to have us see the hard work that is invested in creating a piece of cloth. We were more than happy to accept his invitation.

In order to provide more facilities towards their valued customers, from the beginning of Nepali new year 2074 they are opining their another factory outlet in New Baneshwor, Shankhamul Road. Let this article serve as an invitation to you.

In the next article, I will be covering the tour of Logo Fashion Industries Factory outlet. Tune in for more wisdom from Mr. Hira Muktan.

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