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It’s always interesting to see them in life, to take a glance behind the scenes, and hear their unique stories on how they got into photography. That’s the aim of the interviews.
Let me introduce one of the best photographers in London. Mr Antoine Lassalle

> How did you start your career?

My dad had an Olympus film camera in 90’s. I used to love his camera. I still remember about this camera ISO setup for example and enjoy the result of that photography. I wanted to do some photography from the young age. One of my uncles introduces me to a studio photographer for a little work experience at the age of 11 years old. My experience didn’t go very well with this person. I thought it was not something for me anymore. I still loved photography. So I was taking photographs of my travels. India was one of my favourite countries to photography.

One year, I wanted to pursue a more creative direction because I was not in a definite period of my life. One of my friends told me to continue a more and fun activity. I thought about for few days. I always wanted to take photography more seriously. I decided to learn photography from the beginning and get involved with every project. I noticed that my photography was going toward people and teamwork. I realised that fashion photography was perfect. I had an opportunity meeting an actress/Model Maurisa ( Maurisa Coleman) on a film set as Film set photographer. She introduces me to my first fashion show with a fantastic designer Kim innu London. From there, I had the chance to do some great fashion photography in London and Lisbon. Few of them went on some fashion magazine. I Love working with Designers, Models and Makeup artist. We could create together some fantastic photography.

> Were your family supportive? Were they artistic?

My family has always been supportive of creative activities, sport and work. I grew up with my dad enjoying painting and Photography. I used to be interested in his Olympus film camera. I believe that my buzz started interested in Olympus camera. I remembered some technical part of using ISO. You had to use specific ISO Film for good weather (ISO 200) or cloudy weather ( ISO 400).

My family are more into business and sport than creativity. Both of my uncles had an artistic side of them (Amazing Guitar player and Drum player)

> What kind of skills do you need, outside of being talented at shooting, do you need to make it in this industry?

I hear more and more around me that Business is an important skill to have. I believe until you love what you do and don’t even notice the hours. That is the most crucial part.

? If you weren’t a fashion photographer, what would you be?

My family are in business and IT. My background is in IT and business. It is a perfect side job. I had a chance to have a family which was open-minded on new technology. I grew with my computer to be a four colours computer. We used to use MS-dos and print in black and white. I believe that computers may have helped me to have a perfect set of mind to understand photography technically.

I have got another part of photography which I love is Film set photography and Music photography. Those styles are two different form of photography, and again they complement each other. So if I didn’t do Fashion photography, I would Film set photography and Music photography.

> Have you traveled much throughout your career? What are some of your favorite locations that you’ve shot in?

I have been traveling in most of Europe, Brazil, Jordan, Cuba, Vietnam/Cambodia and India. My favorite places so fare are Halong Bay (Vietnam) and Istanbul (Turkey). I dream traveling in Mongolia, Nepal and Japan

> Is it as glamorous as the media makes it out to be?

It is like every job. It does bring opportunities to meet some fantastic people (Fashion designer Kim Innu London), but at the end of the day, I like to focus on making the best photography.

> What kind of DSLR do you shoot with?

What we always talk about the best camera is Canon or Nikon or those days Sony. I bought my due to the best value for money. Quality and price were more critical of my decision.  I bought a second hand 60 D and polyvalent 17-85mm lens.

Canon is a perfect camera for the up-coming photographer. It is good quality and you could use for every style of photography from Portrait to Sport.

My lens is polyvalent. For example, If you are looking for portrait photography. I have been advised that any lens going over 70mm is perfect. It gives you an excellent 3d effect on your model.

I am pleased with my gear. I hope to get soon a 24-70mm 2.8 to get better depth of field and spotless photography. But f2.8 doesn’t give you much room for error.

I learnt by experience that the best camera is the one you have with you (mobile phone, small camera or DLSR)

> Are you working on anything at the moment, either for a client or personal?                      

I am currently working with an artist. We tried to show Londoner’s personality.  We are mixing printed black & white photography and painting. We did an exhibition and went very well. Our website is ArtMates.Art

London Fashion Week is coming up soon. It will be great.

> Do you remember your very first fashion shoot?

Yes. I remember this designer/model (Khloe Nova) was extravagant and ready to be creative. I loved it. At some point, she ends up on top of her 4×4 car to get a beautiful sky background and her looking like a fantastic mighty Cleopatra

> What are some essential things young photographers should know to get and retain clients?

Be trustworthy, be on-time, always offer a photo that your client didn’t expect and be as much creative as you can. Keep in touch with your clients

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