Anchu Pandey, to open Thailand International Fashion Week

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Anchu Pandey, founder and managing director of Stitchland, will open the “Thailand International Fashion Fest(TIFF)” beginning On June 29th at 23rd floor GMM Grammy Palace, Bangkok, Thailand. The three day fashion programe will celebrate talent and creativity of continental designers firmly on the global fashion stage.”I am humbled and honoured to partner with Thailand international Fashion  Fest. I have always respected the platform’s committed to fashion, and admire the opportunities it provides to young and emerging designers to celebrate and share their passion and creativity with the world” said Anchu. Descibing her collection as glamorous and traditional but easy, fun and playful, which Anchu hopes will reflect the rich cultural diversity of Nepal.

Anchu shares her experience and fashion mission as-

“Today fashion is all about business” with this strong opinion Fashion designer Ms Anchu Pandey has been successfully taking and leading Sonam Gear as most commercially successful Nepali brand at local and international level. She is considered one of the promising young faces when she burst on to the Nepali gear fashion scene in these days. Anchu Pandey, a dynamic fashion designer has been successfully delivering fashionable styles.

“When we came in fashion industry, there was no concept of money or trade. We came in because there was art and craft and fun.In beginning  and we wanted to make clothes in a 1,000 sq ft place for a single tailor. There was no bill ever, we just made them and worked from show to show.It was a different world altogether. We did these shows aiming to dress up the models; nobody in the fashion industry cared about the audience, nobody cared about why we were doing it. Today, the concept has really changed, it’s all about business. And some designers, as a result, have done extremely well,” Anchu told. She considers herself a bit unlucky to have arrived in the industry in the “non-commercial phase of fashion.

Anchu Pandey is probably the Nepal’s first designer who bring Men’s fashion line in Nepal. She has successfully experimented her creativity in kids wear too and showcased her kids collection in various runway shows.The designer has showcased her work at Nepal Fashion week, Voyage of creation, Designer Runway, Fashion Secrets and many beauty peagants. Anchu Pandey, known for contemporary women’s wear, has recently launched an exclusive line “Anchu” based on Nepal’s natural raw material specially Allo/Nettle in the capital.

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