How can you become more physically fit


One of the most important things in life is to be healthy. Physical fitness play very important role in your lives.  If you carry out tasks without any weariness that is your physical fitness. You can fit your body by yourself and that is not so difficult to do.

Follow these  steps to create a well-balanced healthy life:

1. Work up to 30/60 minutes of physical activity each day

2. Staying hydrated along the day.

3. Avoiding junk & oily food.

4. Focusing on the cardio most for weight loss.

5. Taking 5/6 small portion of meals in a day..Instead of 3 heavy meals.

6. Eating more veggies, beans , proteins in the evening

7. Taking meal 3 hrs before going to bed. Consuming a cup of green tea 1 hr before going to the bed.

8. Instead of white rice and white bread we can replace with brown rice and brown bread.

9. We should not workout with empty stomach where there is no energy during workout so 1 or 1&half hr before workout we can consume black coffee or black tea with some multigrain biscuits or brownbreads.

Sylpa Shrestha

Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor

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