Tips to remove your pimples

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Beauty is strength. It gives you a confidence. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Here, let’s talk about the beauty of skin. To conserve your glowing skin or to follow some extra skin care routine, below is some tips to gain healthy glow for your skin.

Tips to remove your pimples scars and gain a natural glow to your face:

Ingredients: Coffee powder and honey.

Step 1: Take a bowl with 1tbsp of coffee powder.

Step 2: Add ½ tbsp of honey in it.

Step 3: Mix it and apply the paste to your face.

Step 4: Softly massage it in clockwise and anti clockwise direction.

For about 10-15 min massage it and wash it off with clean water.

Finally, wipe dry.

This method must be done twice a week.

This paste will work as a scrub to your face which is even suitable for face with pimples.

This method gives a natural glow to your face as well as reduce the pimples. But, it shouldn’t be done in a sensitive skin. This method is better for oily, dry to normal skin.

Beautician : Ashim Ranabhat

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